Bali All Star

Bali All Stars consist of 12 members of singers and musicians. They play all type of music also in few different languages.

You can have them to suit your budget means, if you only want a simple band you can simply request 2 or 3 piece of band and they will be happy to perform at your special occasion.

Choice of performance:

Duet :

Piano & Vocal

Guitar & Vocal

Piano & Saxophone

Guitar & Violin

Trio :

Keyboard, guitar & vocal

Keyboard/piano, vocal & saxophone

Electone/organ with male & female vocals.

Keyboard/piano with bass & saxophone

Piano, bass & drums

Quartet :

Bass, drums, keyboard & vocal

Bass, percussion, guitar & vocal

Bass, Piano, sax & vocal

Guitar, bass, drums and vocal

5 piece band :

Bass, drums, keyboard, male & female vocal

Bass, drums, keyboard, female vocal & saxophone

Bass, guitar, drums, keyboard & male vocal

6 piece band :

Bass, drums, guitar, drums, male & female vocal

Here is sample of our song :

[mp3player width=177 height=281 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml playlist=bali-all-stars.xml]


Bali All Stars – Everything

To view another video, just click this link

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