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Master of Ceremony (MC).

  • Indonesian MC
  • Bilingual MC (English & Indonesian)
  • Japanese MC

MC – Marlyn


Commitment Ceremony

A Commitment Ceremony is performed by a celebrant. It is a ceremony for couples who are unable to be married to each other because of enjoying an alternative lifestyle but who wish to make a life long commitment to each.

Document which will be received:
One Certificate of Commitment with no religious or legal implications.

INDONESIAN LAW of Commitment marriage

Commitment ceremonies are not recognized as a legal marriage in Indonesia. Marriage Celebrants are only legally recognized in the country of the certification. Strongly advised not to bring a foreign celebrant to Bali to perform your marriage and expect to be legally married.

ABOUT MARLYN as your Celebrant.

As a celebrant, MARLYN is very accommodating to couple’s individual request and requirements. Welcoming ideas and encouraging couples to plan their own commitment vows. MARLYN Not only officiate at the ceremony, she will gladly do what it’s needed to ensure a loving and caring Commitment Ceremony.

MARLYN is bilingual and articulate in both English and Indonesian. MARLYN can create an atmosphere truly deserving of the occasion.


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