Ricky Chaniago


Ricky Chaniago, well known as ‘RICKY’, is a very talented singer and entertainer. Starting his music career in Jakarta 12 years ago, Ricky progressed in the entertainment industry by performing throughout Europe. Based in Germany for seven years before relocating to Bali, Ricky has concentrated his marketing performance mostly in weddings and special events such as company conventions and social parties during the past three years.

Ricky has a very large entertainment repertoire consisting of different genre and language to suit each client’s needs in music or party themes. and his ability to transform the mood from romantic, building to energetic, ensuring everyone has a wonderful time during the evening. With a vibrant and friendly personality, and being fluent in Indonesian, English and German enables him to communicate and interact with a wide range of audience.

Choosing Ricky as your entertainer will ensure an unforgettable occasion, leaving a lasting impression for you and your valued guests.

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To view RICKY’s repertoire please visit: www.weddingbandbali.com

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